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Dr. Jasmin Malak, PhD
Online Counseling and Coaching

Licensed Psychotherapist Dr. Malak

Welcome to my website. Thank you for your interest!

In my role as a licensed psychotherapist with a background in neuropsychology, I am committed to providing structured interventions firmly rooted in scientific principles. These interventions are known for their transparency, dedication to your goals, and alignment with empirical research. I customize my approach to suit your unique personal or professional circumstances, with the ultimate aim of empowering you to achieve your aspirations effectively.

I offer assistance in navigating complex personal and professional challenges, especially during times of significant adversity.

I offer assistance in navigating complex personal and professional challenges, especially during times of significant adversity.

I’m pleased to inform you that the initial consultation is free of charge. All consultations and sessions are conducted through a secure and confidential online platform, ensuring the utmost privacy.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the services I provide, I invite you to explore the following pages. Your consideration of my practice is greatly valued, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to your well-being and personal growth.

Take good care,

Jasmin Malak



Your First Consultation

In our initial meeting, I’d like to invite you to share openly the challenges, concerns, or worries you’re currently dealing with. We’ll have a thorough discussion to explore the strategies available to address these issues. This conversation typically lasts up to 30 minutes, and there’s no charge for this session.

After our first meeting, I suggest taking some time to think about whether you’d like to continue working together. If you decide to move forward with my services, I’ll provide you with my consultancy agreement for your review.

Subsequent Sessions

Once you’ve decided to embark on this journey, we’ll work as a team to define your goals and create a personalized approach to tackle your challenges. It’s important to understand that transformation takes time and requires your patience and commitment.

In between our sessions, I strongly encourage you to set aside time for reflection and practice of the techniques and problem-solving methods we discuss. Your active participation is a key factor in making the changes you desire. You have the flexibility to decide the number of sessions that best align with your goals and aspirations. Your comfort and progress are my top priorities.

Session and Fees

The first session is free of charge. The initial interview serves as an opportunity for us to have a detailed discussion about your concerns and assess the counseling or therapy that might be needed.

Counseling/Coaching Sessions:

  • Duration: Up to a maximum of 50 minutes.
  • For each of the following sessions a fee of 250 USD will be charged

I’m here to make sure our collaboration is as beneficial and stress-free as possible. In order make an appointment please click on the calendar button and follow the instructions.

What you need to do to get started

Online counseling and coaching come with the benefits of flexibility and the freedom to choose your preferred location.

It’s important to note that all information and discussions during our sessions are held in strict accordance with medical and legal confidentiality protocols. To ensure secure communication, I use the services of the certified provider, which is endorsed by the German Medical Association.

I want to make sure that you have a smooth and confidential experience during our sessions. Your comfort and privacy are top priorities.

You will need

  • Computer, notebook, or tablet
  • Webcam
  • Private, quiet space
  • Stable internet connectivity

Booking an Appointment

  • Go to
  • Please choose a date for an appointment.
  • Click on the „pay“ button and follow the instructions.
  • After your payment has been effected your appointment is booked.